Soho Sights: Leisure at 11 Howard


I need to be honest, during these past few months I've done a terrible job at being aware and present. I've been blessed with so much work, getting to know so many amazing creatives and people along the way, I've forgotten to make some time to refocus and not run on auto-pilot - which is a mistake I know many of us are guilty of, especially if we work on our own.

As I write this post in a sleepy cafe in Chinatown, I realize how a small shift in your environment can benefit and bring you back into the present. While I was shooting this editorial for @thedemeler, in this lovely hotel on Howard St., I was reminded to slow down. With the lights dimmed low and comfy velvet couches, a sense of awareness took over. The ambiance forced me to take a moment to enjoy composing an image, the intricate stairs and spaces made me be aware of my space while photographing my surroundings; I just had to be IN THE MOMENT, and I just HAD to enjoy it to be able to capture the perfect shot.


It's interesting how a simple change of scenery, a new color scheme or even a new challenge can breathe life into you and shift your perspective; making you more present - because you WANT to be present. What pushed my boundaries during this session was my lighting situation; I wasn't on auto-pilot, I couldn't be, I didn't have the perfect lighting conditions for every shot. I needed to be aware of where I was, and go with the space's flow - the flow was soothing, dim, relaxed, improvised - and I know the images had to reflect that.

Photography: Sofia Emm

Blogger: Lily @thedemeler

Location: 11 Howard, SOHO, NYC