Back Stage in NYFW: Super Model

The Model: a rare yet awaited subject a style photographer is always delighted to capture. Photographing a model right before her transformation, hours before she is the channel, the fantastic vessel in which a designer's mind manifests and materializes is always a blessing of sorts. You are able to capture her true essence, her true self, while she unexpectedly walks by.

Models are curious creatures - at times I do see them as beings a bit more superior than I, in terms of enchanting people's cameras -  they can be quite oblivious when passing by, invested in their texting or reviewing their schedules however at the mere sight of a camera they sprint into action. Their demeanor changes, as if the camera were the spark that ignites life; and they know exactly what to do to charm and give you more than you've asked for.

Photography: Sofia Emm @itssofiaemm

Location: Skylight at Moynihan Station, NYC - September 2016 NYFW