Beauty: Rodial Anti Aging Product Review


As some - hopefully most - of you know, I'm thirty years young. I share that as a joke because according to close friends and family ( and clients, too) I don't look a day over 22 at most, at times quite annoying because of constant carding - even at the movies - and no one really takes you seriously when you're serious.

Though blessed with a genetic disposition to look forever 21 (heehee), I'm quite into skin care and follow a Korean Beauty regimen religiously.  That said, when I was approached by Collectively & Rodial Skin Care about their anti-wrinkle products, I did hesitate since I mostly use Korean products for skin care - I thought they possibly weren't for me, but oh how wrong was I!

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Let's chat about Rodial's Dragon Blood Sculpting Gel. 


The bottle's design is incredibly photogenic (which is important for me). The pump system took me a moment to figure out - I realized I had to pump down and product came out the center, like a little water spout in a fountain.  I did commit the mistake of over-pumping the first time so I ended up with some excess product I insisted my sister should try (I really just stood behind her and applied it on her face before she even realized what hit her).


The gel's fragrance is lovely and quite calming, though it could be considered as too invasive if you're sensitive to scents.


Now, it has the word gel in its name, but it feels nothing like. It's consistency is more of a lotion, colorless (white actually), very soft and silky. A little gel goes a long way, so pump accordingly. 


I have been using Rodial's Gel for about 2 weeks now, in addition to my regular Korean beauty routine. I wasn't using any anti-aging products so this definitely filled that void. The gel does leave your face feeling amazingly firm and plump- comparing to before product usage. It didn't make me break out, which is a plus - my skin tends to react by breaking out massively with new products. It also seems to have helped with my skin redness, so I've seen some improvement there that I wasn't expecting.

Right now, I'm using it twice a day (in my morning moisturizing routine and before bed during my 10 step routine - which is now 12 steps).

Now, let's talk a bit about Rodial's Snake Booster Oil (I swear, I'm loving these names).


Sleek black bottle that is again, incredibly photogenic (looks amazing in flat lays - already tried). It has a glass dropper and it was quite intuitive to open and use. The dropper does release a lot of product (at least for my taste) so do keep that in mind when using for the first couple times, until you've gotten some muscle memory. 


Its scent, very soothing and fresh, is quite similar to the Gel's, yet not that overbearing. It dissipates a bit when applied.


Quite translucent, and of a more liquid consistency than many anti-aging oils in the market. It feels very refreshing to the skin; it leaves it looking quite glossy. The oil's purpose is to assist with firming and smoothing expression lines so I've only applied it to around my eyes,  the middle of my forehead and around my smile. No breakouts with this oil, however I'm quite conservative when using oils (my skin is pretty oily as is) so I only apply a small amount by gently tapping into my skin in the aforementioned areas with my ring fingers. I've also been using it for about 2 weeks and have added it to my night routine only (again, conservative with oils) but I've read their package recommendation to use twice daily.


To be honest, it's very hard to say with only 2 weeks of use. My skin does appear slightly firmer in the areas applied to and I really love the glossy glow when the product is on the skin but besides that I really have no other comments about its functionality. I guess I'll have to update you a little later.

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Many thanks to Rodial & Collectively for sponsoring this post and letting me try out some products!

Photography: Sofia Emm

Location: My little studio in the South