East Village Sights: Bleecker St


Every neighborhood in NYC has it's own feeling; you just need to stop for a moment and find the singularities that make every part of the city unique.  

I love Bleecker St because of how alive it feels during the evenings, the eateries and corners fill up with NYU students and cool people; makes for a lively night out. Now, during mid-morning, it's charming to walk around and view the cafes opening up, getting ready for a day's work. There's a subtle bustle, but it's not draining like further up in Times Square.  


Out of so many shots I chose these 3 to post today, just images of locations; I really didn't want to share the space with people this time. Sometimes, I feel featuring people in an image can enhance and add to a feeling, but in this case, I felt people would divert the scenario; I wanted to capture Bleecker St in its solitude, motionless. 

Photography: Sofia Emm

Location: Bleecker St, NYC