Career: How to stay Inspired when you work in a creative field

Me, taking a walk and becoming friends with a newspaper dispenser in Downtown Houston.

Me, taking a walk and becoming friends with a newspaper dispenser in Downtown Houston.

A creative life, isn't always what it seems. People in my immediate circle, and those not so familiar, tend to confuse being creative with being free, always inspired, letting your ideas flow and working on each and every one of them to bring them to fruition. Though, to have a job in a creative field (whether it is creating images, writing, or anything artistic) sounds like a dream to many, it doesn't mean you have your creative hat on all the time and don't run out of creative juices - it is indeed very difficult to be constantly inspired when your job and livelihood depend on it.

Now, having a career in an artistic/creative field is always a blessing, especially if you have the luxury of working for yourself, but remaining constantly excited and flowing with useful, functional ideas your clients/bosses/yourself will applaud takes a lot of effort - and a system to stay inspired.

In this post, I wanted to share techniques that I have employed throughout my creative career that have helped me refocus and recenter myself - and at sometimes helping me idealize and complete my best works.

  • Take some time for you. A break, a walk, some music, a trip to the bookstore - anything that will take you away from the tasks at hand and give you some time to not think (at least not consciously) about your projects and deadlines.  
  • Mood Boards.  May they be Pinterest boards, magazine cutouts on a piece of cardboard, or your Instagram home feed - take some time to visually stimulate your brain and let your mind run loose for a while, while searching for images of interesting places or beautifully styled food.
  • Research & Read.  Reading articles on the subjects you need to broaden on - or something completely unrelated all together - helps one find different angles and view situations in an entirely new light, lighting up our little imagination flames.
  • Disconnect. We all need some time alone, for real. If it's something you can do, disconnect from the online world and the real one for just a while and unwind. Sometimes all one needs is a bit of silence to hear oneself speak.
  • Plan your moments. Schedule something exciting to look forward to during the day - a cycling class, a binge session of an old show - something you have some control over and can reward yourself with.
  • Play with animals. Give your pets some love, hang out with your puppy on the couch or visit a local cat cafe or ASPCA. It's been studied, petting animals does decrease stress - which is usually what keeps us in creative dry spells.
  • Take a Nap - a long one. I don't advise to do this in your office with your boss next door but, indeed do take time to sleep - and sleep well. Often times we are so blocked because of problems or issues out of our control that we forget to get proper shut eye and become grumpy little-smile-upside-down people and really, nothing useful will be born out of that.

I do wholeheartedly hope these tips do help you regain some inspiration and creativity - or at least some focus enough to complete those important projects you may have at hand. Now tell me, what do you do to stay inspired?

Photography: @the.antiblog

Location: Downtown Houston, TX