Editorial: Do you know the Mailman?


Photographing in a city is always challenging; one must be creative enough to dodge traffic, chase off catcallers, wait for sidewalks to clear - or to have just enough people for the shot. However, in turn, the reward is so fulfilling. One must be open to use anything as a prop and be quick to recognize a mood, or a moment.

During my session with the lovely Emily @thelipstickfever, the streets were super busy, it was sometime mid-afternoon near the Flatiron Building. We found a quiet spot and we improvised with a Mail Box; creating a relaxed story - with the unexpected surprise of taxis in a traffic jam behind us, adding the perfect pop of color to our shots.


I wholeheartedly enjoy integrating what the city offers - may it be a bike, signs, shadows or reflections on glass windows, mailboxes and even strangers. Sometimes just slightly rearranging the subject (in this case the lovely Emily) brings in a whole new fresh perspective and allows you to build upon your story and integrate everything in your surroundings in a cohesive way.


Now, if you're asking, do we know the mailman? Nah, actually no one even put mail there during our time shooting the spot. I wonder if it's still in use.

Photography: Sofia Emm @itssofiaemm

Model/Blogger: Emily @thelipstickfever

Location: Flatiron Building, NYC

Wardrobe: Free People