Editorial: Find us Dancing in the Rain

In all honesty, only a handful of people are in love with the rain, and an even smaller number is fine with going out during a storm in Williamsburg and posing under the M subway train along Broadway - this last bunch, are my favorite kind of people.

A bit more than a fortnight ago, my dear friend Ania @alacloth and I scheduled a fun, sunny session, something very Spring inspired with her adorable vintage slip dresses , oh so delicate. Closer and close to the date, we realized our sunny session wasn't going to be a reality - a windy, thunder-filled storm was heading towards NYC; we were about to get some "nasty" weather in the city.

Now, in a past post I had shared that I adored photographing in rainy weather - and I obviously still do, not much has changed since that then - but it was my subject (my sweet Ania) that I worried about. I had no clue how up to shooting in a storm she would be and to my surprise, she was equally as ecstatic as I was.

So, on that day, you could find us dancing in the rain, by a Brooklyn train station, in a clear umbrella and rubber boots - beautiful wet pavement and lights reflecting, drawing the perfect backdrop.

Photography by Sofia @itssofiaemm

Model/Styling/Clothes by Ania @alacloth

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Camera: Canon 7D Mark ii