Emotions: Fear


Fear, an inhibitor. Fear will block you from seeing further than what you have in front of you. It'll jail you in a box, bars and all, preventing you from reaching outside of it. Fear will cover your eyes, blurred vision, dazed mind and your ability to concentrate, to believe, to achieve is diminished until gone. 

Caged, unmoved, claustrophobia. Deep breaths cannot calm you as much as you'd like, it's taken over; taken over your thoughts with empty promises of security for staying in place, immobile.

Now, at a crossroads you question - do I remain silent, succumbing to the comfortable panic of the known or do I venture out, bravely and shake the fear from my very core acknowledging its veracity yet discrediting its power and stripping it of its power over me?


Making up your mind; deciding to face, face to face with the anxiety your own weakened voice has softly been mumbling about: "you can't do it, you're not strong enough they say", " you're still missing, incomplete, incompetent". Telling her to change her song, to sing loudly from the heart and quickly convince and grasp that momentary burst of courage to set foot forward and the next, and the next.

Calmly, steadily, fear has no option but to be left behind. To be shed like old skin. A pulsing warmth emanates from within, slowly melting away inhibition, it can no longer prevail, her song is deafening. The dare to delve further, to explore and understand and take control of the inhibitor grows stronger, to the point fear is minuscule, negligible, disregarded. It is no longer a hindering threat.

Photography: Lulu @lulumieses

Location: Midtown, Houston, TX