Fossil, Me and a Rainy Day

It's a somewhat gloomy Wednesday in Houston, the city looks a bit dim and there's rain in the forecast. Early this morning I decided to hop to downtown and shoot a couple images with Lulu @lulumieses for my second watch collab (and first smartwatch, evah), while hoping I don't get rained on ( I do have a raincoat on for a reason, people).

I've been playing around with the Fossil Q Wander for a couple weeks now, wearing it to my shoots & client appointments and so far, it's been a fun piece to wear. I tend to always haul around my appointment book ( I'm old school, mm'kay) and having this little gadget link to my phone and constantly remind me of where I'm supposed to be (without having to dig my phone out of the depths of my backpack) is pretty neat. 

Photography: Lulu @lulumieses

Location: Downtown Houston, TX

Wearing: Fossil Q Wander smartwatch, Vintage reversible raincoat from Goodwill, Sunglasses from Aldo.