Coffee Corners: Happy Bones, SOHO, NYC


Coffee Corners is a bi-monthly series where I share the best coffee shops I spot during my travels while answering fun questions from all of you out there in the interwebs.

This first edition, I thought it'd be fun to write to you all via Happy Bones, in Soho, New York City. Mind you, this post has been in the making for a couple of weeks now (I'm a bit slow) but the majority has been written from inside this cozy, airy space on Broome St.


Hands down, Happy Bones is a happy coffee corner I love to visit when I'm in the city to meet with creative people; this time meeting the lovely Thao @thewayofThao, a sweet blogger from Brooklyn that's as beautiful inside as she is outside. I'm writing these few lines right before she arrives for our first shoot together. She is one of those IG friends you follow and feel you've known forever, but you've never met face to face.


Anyhoo, now that you know what Coffee Corners is going to be about; send me questions! Anything you'd like to know about me, my creative process and my obsession for vintage 1990's sweaters (promise you, it's a baaad obsession - but they make me so happy!).

xoxo, Sofia

On the Table: Vanilla Latte (Iced) & Muffin

Photography: Sofia Emm

Sunglasses & Iphone credit: @thewayofThao

Location: Happy Bones, SOHO, NYC