Life: Speak the Truth

flowered truth 1

Lately, there have been a couple of things that have been bothering me about (some) content creators on the internet and on social media.  I'm a bit preoccupied, that fragile minds of kids growing up or, us millennials, get entangled in the false illusion that happiness is an end goal - and that without it we're less valuable, less interesting than our peers. 

You see, I constantly work with content creators and know the curating, and the editing, and work that goes behind building these inspiring feeds. No one leads a perfect life - not even that jet setter IG account with millions of followers. What troubles me is, that followers are dangerously believing their IG celeb's feeds and taking it all as truth - and starting to use them as meters to gauge their own lives.  

It is here, in the constant comparison, that lies the problem. It is in the persistent thoughts that one's life should resemble X or Y blogger on IG or A or B vlogger on Youtube the real danger to losing scope of one's personal journey.

flowered truth 2

Content creation, is a business my friends. I'll say it as simple and clear. The content you receive has been designed for you to love it, and to inspire you. In consensus, no one likes to receive bad news on their feeds - it has bad feedback, low traffic and content creators avoid posting such. So, feeds are curated and over-saturated with inspiring, happy stories, images and videos, often times giving the illusion that these people (because content creators are people) have not a bad day in their lives. There's nothing farther from the truth.  

Everyone has terrible days, those in which covering yourself up with the duvet, 3 sheets and some pillows is mandate. Thing is, that we have made it - with the help of social media - into something unnatural, taboo in fact.  We want to force ourselves to be happy, all the time, because the people we follow, with beautiful feeds, are (seemingly so) always happy.

And, it is this false perception of happiness that I have the most issues with. We're a generation that struggles so much with self-worth; a busy one, surrounded by debt and questions. It's when we commence the comparisons, using feeds as meters to determine and convince ourselves that we're behind in life or not living happily, that we become highly obsessed and terribly discouraged about our own life.

flowered truth 3

I believe that in this era of constant connection, where all can be edited, filtered and altered, we do need to give ourselves reality checks every once in a while. And as content creators, be very observant of what is published and people's reactions to our work. If we can portray ourselves, as real and as unfiltered and(a word I hate) as vulnerable as we can, and create content that is authentic - document our lives in a beautiful yet legitimate way - we'll be able to inspire much more richly and thoroughly with a more positive impact. Readers and followers would be intertwined in a more intimate level.

flowered truth 4

As a personal goal, I want to inspire my readers and followers like this. I want to speak my life's truth and share (maybe not in its entirety - I tend to be somewhat shy) life and the obstacles I face and how they're overcome. I want authentic people to interact and build beautiful relationships with and to share the beauty of life with - regardless of its curated status - and keep inspiring to thrive and not just to "be happy", because they are very different things.

Photography: Lulu @lulumieses

Direction: Sofia Emm

Location: Chalkboard wall at home ;)