Editorial: Nights at The Blond

Surrounded by velvet, mirrors & intriguing Japanese school girl inspired pop-art; a mesmerizing belle in a button-up blouse, champagne in hand, effortlessly present in an empty bar - constructed the perfect scenario for an impromptu shoot.

There are scenes where your photographic eye just wants to focus on color, and there are those where your eye is happiest focusing on texture and sentiment. This quick session with the sweet Lily @thedemeler, was one of those scenes. I fell in love instantly with the warm textures of the seating, the intriguing imagery on the walls, the stained mirrors - everything around us suggested intimacy and an elegant ambiance not so easily stumbled upon.

I found this particular corner the most talkative - yes, talkative, spaces do speak to me. I wanted to incorporate the art pieces on the wall and the reflections they made on the mirror that ran perpendicular to it, creating - another world, in fact - a much ample scene filled with wooden patterns and the almost palpable velvet texture; the belle fitting in - uninterrupted.

Incorporating reflections in a manner that seems inconspicuous is - to me - an art form in itself. To be able to enrich the image with the help of a wall of mirrors was a fun surprise, capturing another woman - on the other side - only visible to the one who's searching for her story, is always an enthralling experience.

When photographing reflections, I find myself at many a time, focusing much more on the reflection; slowly transforming it and the reflection organically becoming my true subject. I capture the Lily on the other side first, and include her real life counterpart later; crafting an image in which each woman shares their own version of existence.

Photography: Sofia Emm

Model/Blogger: Lily @thedemeler

Location The Blond @11Howard Hotel, Soho, NYC