Street Style: A Parisian New York


When we think of Paris, we're automatically transported to concrete back alleys, little street bakeries and effortlessly beautiful women in corners chatting; vibrant read lipstick on, with a class and sophistication that will mesmerize you. 


I've always been a firm believer that being Parisian is a state of mind; you will be Parisian no matter where you are, no matter what your origin is, adopting its lifestyle is a possibility if you are unafraid of being bold.

Through my viewfinder, I've managed to identify women through the city that share that same air of stylish sophistication that you can find in the streets of Paris. Emily, of The Lipstick Fever, is one of them, enchanting with her free flowing hair and bright red lip. 


Photography: Sofia Emm

Blogger: Emily @thelipstickfever

Her Motto: The Lipstick Fever = black leather jacket, red lipstick, and a white T

Location: Grand St., SOHO, NYC