Photography Talk: Un-label Me

Thanks to Ashley @vintagesuite6ten for this impromptu couple of shots.  

Thanks to Ashley @vintagesuite6ten for this impromptu couple of shots.  

Many photographers like to label and compartmentalize themselves; "oh, I'm a wedding photographer" or "I just do portraits and senior photography". I've always found it conflicting to categorize myself the way others do, and drawing a line that feels limiting because, I just enjoy what I do no matter what I'm photographing.


I've had many people that encounter my work ask me, what do I like photographing the best. I can't say I enjoy photographing people or places or choose a certain aesthetic; I just enjoy immortalizing moments - no matter if you're a flower on a tree or a stranger walking down the street (made that rhyme on purpose).

I tend to see my work as portraits of life and I try my best to grasp and make each movement, every shadow and beam of light into a tale of its own. I rather feel free to capture elements that make instances special; to have a personal - emotional, in fact - connection with everything that I see through my viewfinder than to stop myself from photographing because it isn't my niche. I've seen many a photographer friend fall down that path, and fall out of love with the craft (rhymed that on purpose, too).



I feel that when you label (me talking photography here, but this is pretty much real for anything), you exclude yourself more than you need to and you stop yourself from fully grasping and enjoying your discipline and limit your ability to learn and challenge your technique with new situations. So, lesson today: Un-label.




Photography: Sofia Emm

Blogger/Model: Ashley @vintagesuite6ten

Location: The High Line, Chelsea, NYC