A how to on reaching goals quicker

I believe us millennials are super goal oriented and driven; but somewhere along all the hustle and bustle we tend to get overwhelmed and - to be quite honest - depressed because we haven't hit certain milestones or goals we have set out to reach. 

I wanted to share a couple of good tips I swear by, that keep me centered and feeling in control so, let's take a look, errm read. 

Make lists and make lots of them

I'd say the more organized you have your goals, the better you can understand and assess what is needed to reach them. Make a list of what you plan on achieving and make another list of what you need to achieve each goal. Hang these on your vision board or keep them close to your heart in your daily journal.

Break down your goals into smaller goals

It's impossible to tackle everything at once and expect it all to go well - Murphy's law, people - because it more than likely won't. Besides, we're human and we get tired, sick, restless, life happens. Break all your goals into smaller, more easily acheivable goals (even break those down further if you need to) and plan out realistic ( key word here ) ways to make everything in that list happen.

Cross stuff out as you reach your milestones

I'm the type of person that gets a high on crossing things off lists, it just makes me feel accomplished ( and that I actually did something besides watching Kdramas all day ). 


Every so often, sit with yourself or with a friend and assess where you are and be honest about where you are, and where you'd like to be on this journey of yours. Don't get frustrated if you feel you haven't moved forward much - progress is progress no matter the speed. Draw your plan again and get going.

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small

Taking yourself out for gelato and doing kind, little things for yourself and  celebrating your milestones - even if with a happy dance - will help you keep some momentum and propel yourself towards your next task. 


What else do you do to keep yourself reaching goals? 

 Image by @lulumieses

Image by @lulumieses

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