Retracing Steps: Walking the walk, alone

There isn't a person in the world, that at some moment in their life, doesn't feel as if they're walking down an empty path, all alone. Don't lie to yourself, we have all been there - at a crossroads, a painful instance - where we stand on our own, with no one else to run to or call for backup.


I believe those moments, in many ways than one, define us. I'm certain they transform us into more mature beings and, for better or worse, challenge our character. Moments like these, where we walk on our own, going through whatever it is that occupies our mind, teach us so much about ourselves - how capable we are - that otherwise we wouldn't see. 

Very recently, in fact, around the time I captured these images of this calm older woman passing by, I was feeling exactly like this - an uncomfortable sensation that suggested I was all alone, and these overwhelming experiences and thoughts - because some things are only in our heads - were passing me by but I was alone to confront them.

In all truth, we are alone. Yes, we do spend our time on Earth with amazing people, family and friends but, in reality, we are left by ourselves to confront each vicissitude, every alteration in life - for it is our own story we compose, and no one else's. It is still our path - yes, filled with (hopefully) people cheering us on - to walk, alone; to take action upon opportunities, to flee upon danger, to enjoy and be proud of in the end.

Photography by Sofia @itssofiaemm

Location: Williamburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Camera: Canon 7D Mark ii