Soho Sights: Windows

Whenever asked during conversations what I love photographing the most in NYC's neighborhood of Soho, I contain my excitement - hiding the almost nerd-like expression that I know my face is slowly shaping - and calmly share, "oh, it's the windows! They're enchanting!"

Truly, anyone that sees images of Soho or has been lucky enough to presence them in person, finds themselves looking up and admiring them for more than a second.  

Classical Italian and French architecture served as a base to design most Soho building facades; cast iron was molded into the signature window frames and painted in hues of neutral colors to simulate stone.  Large windows did serve a purpose in the once gas-lit industrial buildings of the time; rooms would be filled with sunlight longer.  


Now, putting way the little civil engineer in me, Soho's windows are just one of the distinct characteristics of the neighborhood that can steal your heart and take your breath away. Let me know what you love about Soho the most! 


Photography by: Sofia Emm

Location: Soho, NYC