Street Style: Art & Leather

Joshua Alan Clark was one of those stylists that totally caught my eye during last season's fashion week. To be honest, I had forgotten I shot his look around Clarkson Sq. before a show and I recently found the images and HAD to contact him! The following is a little interview where we chat about self-confidence and jackets.

Explain your jacket! Saw you caught a lot of attention from photogs plus you were also featured at TopMan for your jeans. What spoke to you about your leather piece and who created it?

My jacket was a custom piece by an artist from New Zealand, Blue Blank, who is best known for the "metaselfie" jacket she made for Kim Kardashian. It's a vintage leather jacket which she then hand painted various pictures of myself onto; it took approximately 5-6 weeks to make. It was actually my birthday gift and meant a lot to me to have a piece created by her. I chose to get a "metaselfie" jacket, especially from the same artist who made Kim Kardashian's for various reasons: for a very long time I've struggled with confidence and self-image issues and these past couple of years I've grown to be confident in who I am, what I love and in my own skin, and I thought it'd be a satirical way to snap back at people who think that those of us who work in the fashion industry are vain.

What's your creative process like when putting an outfit together for fashion week? Do you think about comfort and cool factor, or are you more interested in what fashion editors might say, or if you'll catch a photogs eye?

When it comes to fashion week, I don't put much thought into what I'm wearing. All five of the New York Fashion Week seasons I attended was because I was working. Whether I was interning or assisting the styling team for a show, or whether I was assisting an editor at a magazine, or whether I got an invite to a show - I chose what I was going to wear depending on my agenda and what role I had to assume on that day.

Will you be seeing any shows in Feb 2017, any designers you're looking forward to, any trends you'd like to see in the streets?

Unfortunately, I just moved to LA at the end of the year and won't be attending NYFW this time around. But, I'm definitely looking forward to Raf Simon's debut at Calvin Klein, as well as the collections of Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Delpozo, and Proenza Schouler.

Photography: Sofia Emm

Stylist: Joshua Alan Clark @joshualanclark

Location: Clarkson Sq. NYC